New record “Half Lonely” out now, Patreon campaign launched

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Hey, so I went ahead and released a new record over on my Bandcamp page. I really hope you like it.

ALSO OF NOTE, have you heard of Patreon? It is totally a thing I am doing now and if you like the new record and want to hear more stuff like it, please consider becoming a Patron. It costs as little as $1 USD and helps me in a huge way. I want to start putting out singles every 3-4 weeks rather than waiting six/nine/eighteen months for albums to come together. Patreon is the way I’ll be able to do that!

Cell phone demos and a new record

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The writing phase of the new record is nearing 100% completion, and even though it’ll be a little while yet before I can feasibly get final mixes done and off to mastering, I’m too excited for people to hear all this new music to keep it to myself.

So. I’ve released two new songs over on my Soundcloud this week. They are recorded using only the most advanced contemporary equipment and techniques, which is to say “sitting in front of my desk with an acoustic guitar, playing into my cell phone”.

I like low-fi recordings. The Mountain Goats are a pretty substantial influence of mine. I did a cassette project last year – and I will absolutely return to the format soon – and the 16khz .wav files I’ve been making have their own weird, digital-trashy charm to them.

I’ll be releasing a handful of these rough demo recordings each week in the run-up to the release of my new, full-length, yet-to-be-named record. It’s been too long since I’ve had more than a new single to put in your ears. I’m looking to remedy that.