Fall/Winter Tour Dates aka I might be near you with a guitar soon!

Hey all! I’m about to head out on tour with Marian Call for a few weeks and figured I’d give you a heads up on where I’m gonna be. Note that I’ll likely only play a couple tunes at some of these shows but the ones in which I’ll play a longer set are in BOLD:

  • Cleveland OH – Oct. 22 at Negative Space Gallery 7pm
  • Chicago IL – Oct. 23, Wanderer’s Refuge Games 7:30pm
  • Minneapolis MN – Oct. 25 at The Nicollet 8pm
  • Boulder COOct. 29 at Fiske Planetarium 7pm
  • Colorado Springs CO - Oct. 30, Muse Comics & Games 7pm
  • Denver CO - Nov. 1, Skylite Station 7:30pm
  • Salt Lake City UT – Nov. 2 at Bar Deluxe, 8pm, 21+
  • Portland, OR – Nov. 6-7 (details TBA)

If you or someone you know are gonna be in the area of these shows, please come out! It’ll be a good time. And follow me on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates of what I’m eating/reading/listening to while on tour. That’s pertinent information.

Oh hey! And I’ve been throwing new tracks up on Soundcloud just For Fun.  Peep that noise.




Song Shop now open (all proceeds go toward a new production computer)!

2014-08-31 21.41.00

A huge portion of my income comes from putting out new music, which requires a computer! So I need a new production laptop to keep putting out new music!

To that end, I’m opening up a song shop! You’ll be able to commission songs on literally any dang thing simply via Paypal!

Short song (1-2 mins): $50

Full-length song (2-4 mins): $100

Custom EP (4 full-length songs): $350

There is a Paypal button below with an order form! Simply donate an amount respective to your song request(s) and specify your theme in the comment field. Songs will be mostly acoustic and will be recorded with nice microphones via my Macgyver’d recording setup on my old PC.


This is your chance to get me to write a whole EP about The Legend of Korra or banana slugs or just one song about how USB plugs never go in the right way the first time.

Please share far and wide! Thanks!


New record “Half Lonely” out now, Patreon campaign launched

sethlogo copy 2

Hey, so I went ahead and released a new record over on my Bandcamp page. I really hope you like it.

ALSO OF NOTE, have you heard of Patreon? It is totally a thing I am doing now and if you like the new record and want to hear more stuff like it, please consider becoming a Patron. It costs as little as $1 USD and helps me in a huge way. I want to start putting out singles every 3-4 weeks rather than waiting six/nine/eighteen months for albums to come together. Patreon is the way I’ll be able to do that!

Cell phone demos and a new record

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 4.55.39 AM

The writing phase of the new record is nearing 100% completion, and even though it’ll be a little while yet before I can feasibly get final mixes done and off to mastering, I’m too excited for people to hear all this new music to keep it to myself.

So. I’ve released two new songs over on my Soundcloud this week. They are recorded using only the most advanced contemporary equipment and techniques, which is to say “sitting in front of my desk with an acoustic guitar, playing into my cell phone”.

I like low-fi recordings. The Mountain Goats are a pretty substantial influence of mine. I did a cassette project last year – and I will absolutely return to the format soon – and the 16khz .wav files I’ve been making have their own weird, digital-trashy charm to them.

I’ll be releasing a handful of these rough demo recordings each week in the run-up to the release of my new, full-length, yet-to-be-named record. It’s been too long since I’ve had more than a new single to put in your ears. I’m looking to remedy that.